LD50 techno podcast |

This is it! Literally *the* most 303 site in the uk, possibly the world.

all in glorious Times New Roman and static HTML, as it was before the internet went to shit. ;)

If the player above doesn't work - COPY THIS URL and paste into winamp, vlc or other shoutcast/icecast compatible player.

If it works it should be the beginnings of the acid mayhem that is the 303 collective.
It will be super sketchy for the moment so don't rely on the stream being up - we're very much building it at the moment.

New premises!
It's unofficial! we're running a pirate radio station from our new council flat in towerblock1.
we also managed to blag some free webspace for another dodgy html site at Iceniheights.org

Damn The Man.

It begins

If you have a Roland TB-303 related site, link, music or other 303-related nonsense you'd like us to add
please email us at info at 303 dot co dot uk and we'll take a look.