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LD50 - collecting noise complaints since 1995. These are generally 192-320kbps audio, generally the highest quality I can manage as mp3 with reasonable file sizes. techno, noise, experimental, dawless, and more recently #somedaw and chillout/downtempo. vintage analogue hardware synths, dawless, minimal electronica, tb303, tb-303, acid noises, acid machine, 303 collective, noise music, experimental, bitcrusher, distortion, chillout electronica, drone music, didgeridoo, super chilled music, tripping music, meditating music, no computers, (ok maybe some computers), analog synth music, futureretro 777, fr-777, roland TB-303, tb303, schranz, schrantz, shranz.

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022: schranz with hans (vantrax)

Yes more yompy noise - this time featuring the new Roland Aira S-1. Tbh I'd only got the S-1 that same day so I'm just pattern cruising on it, so the pads used in the break are just one of the demo/presets but it happened to fit quite nicely so off we wen
Filetype: MP3 - Size: 12 MB - Duration: 6:38m (256 kbps 44100 Hz)

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